Chris de Palmer
Chris de Palmer is a songwriter influenced by classic pop/rock songs. Inspired by 60s & 70s british music (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,…) and 80s US/Canadian music (Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, Rick Spingfield, Huey Lewis, Aerosmith, J Geils, ..), Chris songs can also reflect the flavours of his travels in over 60 countries. Chris has collaborated with artists like Hugues Darvey, Jessie Karel or David Jacob (ex-Trust).

Hugues Darvey
Hugues Darvey is a singer/songwriter inspired by the 70s and by artists like Velvet underground, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop or Gainsbourg. After a first single “le soleil à minuit” released in 2000 by EPIC/SONY and broadcast on French FM radios, Hugues was finalist in 2003 of the “Prix Felix-Leclerc de la chanson” song contest in Montreal, Canada. In 2005, Hugues released the album “Darvey & the Sugar Mountain” with Captives Records label followed by several concerts in Paris (Le Sentier des Halles, Scène Bastille, Locomotive).
In 2015, Hugues released the album “Chemins défendus”.

Then, in 2019, Hugues released the album “Différent”.


Hugues Darvey and Chris de Palmer co-wrote several songs part of Palm Rock Songs repertoire: Don’t let me down, Gimme a chance, Comme en été, Mensonges, le premier venu & Souviens-toi.