Chris de Palmer
Chris de Palmer is a songwriter influenced by classic pop/rock songs. Inspired by 60s & 70s british music (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,…) and 80s US/Canadian music (Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, Rick Spingfield, Huey Lewis, Aerosmith, J Geils, ..), Chris songs can also reflect the flavours of his travels in over 60 countries. Chris has collaborated with artists like Hugues Darvey, Jessie Karel or David Jacob (ex-Trust).

Hugues Darvey
Hugues Darvey is a singer/songwriter inspired by the 70s and by artists like Velvet underground, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop or Gainsbourg. After a first single “le soleil à minuit” released in 2000 by EPIC/SONY and broadcast on French FM radios, Hugues was finalist in 2003 of the “Prix Felix-Leclerc de la chanson” song contest in Montreal, Canada. In 2005, Hugues released the album “Darvey & the Sugar Mountain” with Captives Records label followed by several concerts in Paris (Le Sentier des Halles, Scène Bastille, Locomotive).
In 2015, Hugues released a new album “Chemins défendus”.

Hugues Darvey and Chris de Palmer co-wrote several songs part of Palm Rock Songs repertoire: Don’t let me down, Gimme a chance, Comme en été, Mensonges, le premier venu & Souviens-toi.